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Our team of medical staff has appointed both male and female doctors to handle our patient with best medical supervision along with care and kindness.

To have a comprehensive mental health program visiting Psychiatrist is available.

Counselling service with on campus counselors completes the circle of care.

BCMS also assist people, who are concerned by Sports injury, other related injury, wrong posture, prolonged pain affiliated to faulty ergonomics/ life style.

wellbeing center is prepared to deal with any kind of campus emergencies and patient evacuation to a secondary or tertiary care Hospital.

Our medical bay is also equipped with dressing room which can indulge with minor procedures.

We also offer on-site sample collection where clients can tie up with NABL Authorised Lab.

Conventional pharmaceutical antidotes are feasible 24*7.

Patient exodus to a higher facility and patient transfer to infirmary is available on site.

A well-established network of different specialists as a tie up with infirmary is done.

BCMS also have a association with other secondary and tertiary hospitals which can provide prolong amount of care.

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