General Duty Assistants:

Our trained General Duty Assistants as you may call them your “Sahayak” assist patients in carrying out routine day to day activities like:

  • sponging and changing clothes of patients,
  • feeding patients with mobility restrictions,
  • taking care of post-surgical patients,
  • assistance in the urinal, changing of a colostomy bag, diapers, etc.
  • care of elderly patients.

Doctor on call:

Getting an expert medical opinion in the comfort zone of home is no longer a wish. It is possible with the empanelled professionally qualified doctors of Blue Circle Medi Services.

  • providing e consultation and prescribing medicines
  • reviewing reports
  • assisting in second consultation

Nursing Care:

Nursing care at home is required for elderly care, post-surgical care, and chronic illness, Especially abled care or cognitively impaired care etc. When you need this assistance, you can rely on Blue Circle Medi Services as we provide qualified reliable and trained Nurses in Delhi and NCR. 

Our Nurses can handle

  • medical management
  • stroke rehabilitation
  • post-surgery care – Knee surgery/ Hip replacement/ Spine surgery
  • geriatric/assisted living care
  • alzheimer care
  • parkinson care
  • day care on hourly basis:
    • general check-up,
    • monitoring of vitals
    • nutrition management
    • wound care,
    • pressure sours,
    • pain management,
    • vaccination,
    • injection,
    • dressing etc


As your aches and pains can become chronic if not treated on time, you are advised to seek professional advice from our empaneled physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy services include:

  • online consultation
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • knee pain
  • any other pain in body
  • exercises post knee or hip replacement surgery or any other post-surgery, cardiac, chest ailment exercise 

Ambulance Service:

Ambulance services are available on phone as when requested. 

Baby Care:

Caring for a new born a new member in family is not a easy task and we totally understand the fact that hiring someone for your little bundle of joy is a sensitive decision to make. We can assure that our GDA /Sahayak and nurses are experienced and trained in doing this job, we also tutor them time to time for more effective services.

  • bathing or sponging babies with Luke warm water in a gentle manner
  • handling the baby in correct posture and keeping a soft gesture for them.
  • ensuring daily and timely feeds and burps of baby after every feed
  • changing baby’s diaper or nappy gently and properly.
  • putting the baby to sleep in a comfortable manner
  • regular before bath massage of baby
  • ensuring a neat and clean environment around baby.
  • maintain sanitization and hygiene in every aspect

Pharmacy Services:

Medicine can be made available at your doorstep. To order, door step delivery: 

  • share or upload your valid prescription on website
  • receive a confirmation call
  • delivery at doorstep
  • confirmation signature on receiving note



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