Health Checkup

Basic Health Checkup

Every Doctor advices to have basic health checkup on regular basis for early identification of likely health risks so that preventative steps can be taken in advance. Our basic health test package includes 61 parameters and Liver, Kidney and Urine tests are a few tests included. These tests will help only ensure your good health. 

Comprehensive Health Checkup

The Comprehensive Medical Check up Scheme looks in detail at the functioning of the body’s organs-the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, eyes, and ears. Tests outlined are carried out to assess their health along with detailed physical examination. On receiving reports consultation can be availed of.

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Under 40 Health Checkup

Range of diagnostic tests to screen heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, thyroid and lipids. A full physical examination and interpretation of results along with relevant guidelines explained towards a healthy life. Risk factors caused by habits and lifestyle assessed.

Above 40 Health Checkup

The “health MOT” offered every five years to people between 40 and 74 is intended to spot those at risk of cardiovascular disease and help them improve their lifestyle or get medication to keep them healthy.


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