General Questions

There is no charge for an evaluation by a doctor or a nurse.

wellbeing center is located in the North block of the University..

The doctor’s duty hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. (Refer to duty schedule of doctors) KINDLY USE THIS LINK: (WWW.BOOKONLINEAPPOINTMENT.COM) FOR TAKING ONLINE APPOINTMENTS as Appointments are preferred.

Please call land line number 0120-3819100 Ext. 102 for Health and well being Centre to make an appointment.

The wellbeing center is open during summer months.

If you are ill after office hours you may contact wellbeing center at land line number 0120-3819100 Ext. 102 In the event of an emergency. you may ask for an ambulance (Patient Transport Ambulance).

Students who are 18 years of age or older are considered adults and have the legal right to medical confidentiality. We do not and will not release any information to anyone about you without your written or verbal consent to do so. But the University SPOC has the right to know about your medical problem.

Contact wellbeing center if you decide to travel. Necessary/required vaccinations vary depending upon travel location. Some vaccines are in a series and take time to complete.

You may contact wellbeing center staff for the same.

There are two general physicians’ a Male and a female physician, they visit wellbeing center during their shift hrs you may seek appointment accordingly. (WWW.BOOKONLINEAPPOINTMENT.COM). We have a Physician staying on campus.

For vision related ailments an arrangement with tie up hospital is in place to manage such cases.

wellbeing center staff shall brief you on this

In a medical emergency, an ambulance may be provided by the wellbeing center and it does not provide transportation to general medical appointments to outside doctors or for routine hospital trips or follow-ups. However in case request is routed through admin, such cases may be considered, the ultimate decision of ambulance movement will rest with the doctor on duty.

Health Details

All new incoming students must submit complete a health details with admin.

We do offer some immunizations. Contact wellbeing center staff on more details.

The meningitis vaccine is required for all students.

Vaccines or medicine given by the nurse must be paid for at the time of service. A claim can be filed by you or your parents with your private insurance carrier.


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